The Story.

01 The Journey.

Born and raised in rural Jamaica, Chev’s upbringing consisted mainly of walks through the forest to pick fruits and trips to the river to catch fish to cook with friends. Jamaica is an upbeat place where everyone you walk past says “hey” - this is where he gets his friendly and energetic nature from.

At the age of 11, Chev moved to England. Getting off the island meant going “Foreign”, everyone wanted to go “Foreign” no matter where you ended up.

Moving here in the bleak winter and being the first black kid in school, things were very different for Chev. He first discovered he could fight when had an altercation with a racist bully.

His boxing career started when he stumbled into the boxing gym while trying to get fit for football. After his first session, Chev was told by the coach “you’ll be a world champion one day”.

02 Cheating Death.

Chev has cheated death twice, once at 6 years old when he fell from a roof playing hide and seek with friends, and again when he was 18 his appendix burst and he flatlined in hospital.

His journey hasn’t been easy, but when you meet him, you’ll be shocked at how alive he is. Chev is grateful for the journey he’s been on to this point, but he doesn’t look back much with his eyes on the prize and where he can take the people and communities who have supported him, he’ll tell you “there’s a reason why your rear-view mirror is so small in your car”.

03 Taking the Boxing World by Storm.

Chev began to take the UK boxing scene by storm in 2010 winning competitions across the nation gaining national trials in 2011. Things did not work out as planned so when the opportunity presented itself, he represented Jamaica in the 2014 Commonwealth Games where he was on the same team as Usain Bolt. Unfortunately, this was the first time he’d experienced a loss of this scale.

He took two years out to become a lorry driver where he learned the real value of working and money. Continuing his training in secret early mornings after his long night shifts, his friends persuaded him to return to competing.

Shortly after his return to boxing, Chev was more determined than ever to make it in the sport and was enrolled onto the GB Boxing programme after national success and team trials, where he medalled silver at the 2017 European championships also taking bronze at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, followed by a trail of medals on the way to qualifying and making the last 16 at Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

04 Leveling up.

In January 2022 Chev signed a long-term promotional deal with Matchroom Boxing, making his professional debut weeks later at the O2 Arena in London. Chev scored a clinical victory over his opponent, Toni Visic with two brutal knockdowns, the second of which sealed the win, with the Croatian unable to make the count.

Over the past year, Chev has amassed an impressive run of wins and a professional record of 5-0 with 4 of those wins coming by way of knockout. His most recent victory over Panamanian, Israel Duffus was a hard fought contest which last the scheduled 10 rounds was won by unanimous decision.

June 10, Chev will be back out fighting at OVO Arena Wembley in a final eliminator for the British Title.



Official party with Chev at the mic

Chev’s main mission outside of the ring is to redefine the modern athlete by being financially literate and promoting being classy, not flashy. Chev wants to promote the value of money and believes you shouldn’t go broke trying to look rich.

Breaking down barriers is in Chev’s DNA, and he wants to bring financial education to the masses. He has found value investing and boxing are similar, over time the due diligence and time invested pay dividends.

Financial Literacy is something he hopes to share and he has built a mentoring programme for young people.


Chev learnt to cook from a young age watching and being taught by his Mother. Cooking is a passion he loves to share; he is often the chef at BBQs and was the go-to chef at GB Boxing.

He believes thoroughly preparing your food shows passion and makes the flavours more potent in your cooking.

As a plant-based athlete, Chev prefers working with fresh, organic produce and says washing your rice and seasoning your food is an essential part of cooking.

Ital Stew served on the wooden table. Styled shoot



Chev uses his success and platform to help his community and support both local and nationwide causes. He is a Fight4Change Ambassador and consistently receives GB Boxing and Kent Council awards for work in the community.

He has built a programme for young people centered around teaching young people resilience, the confidence to seize opportunities, how to use failures as lessons, understanding the value of money and the realities of life beyond school