Chev’s Career.

Professional cruiserweight boxer

Chev is a rising star in the world of professional boxing, known for his impressive performances and explosive power.

Born in Jamaica and before moving to England at 11 years old, Clarke has quickly made a name for himself as a formidable opponent in the ring.

Chev turned professional in January 2022. Since then, he has racked up an impressive record of victories and a fan base that make themselves heard, wherever he goes.

June 10, Chev fights in a final eliminator for the British Title at OVO Arena, Wembley as the Level Up continues...

Blow by Blow.

27/02/2022 - O2 Arena, London


 "You only get one debut" 

Chev scored a clinical victory over his opponent, Toni Visic flooring him towards the latter stages of the opening round.

Visic did well to survive the bell but his resistance lasted less than two minutes in round two when Clarke landed a heavy combination and with a right hand flooring Visic once again, the Croatian unable to make the count.

21/05/2022 - O2 Arena, London


 "I'm happy with the win but not with the performance" 

At the sound of the bell, the man in the opposite corner, Pawel Martyniuk had never been stopped before but Chev swiftly put an end to that record.

Despite some challenges early in the first round, Chev came back with some powerful body shots and quickly took charge in the second, seeing Martyniuk hit the canvas.

Clarke hurt him again early in the third round with an uppercut and Martyniuk took a knee. Moments later he went down on his knee a second time when the referee called a halt to the contest.

24/09/2022 - Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham


 "He was feeling those body shots as the rounds went on" 

Another fighter with a record of never being stopped, Nicolas Karalitzky came out aggressive and managed to take the bout to the fourth round.

After targeting the body early on, Chev sapped the energy from Karalitzky where he then began to dominate the contest.

In the fourth, Chev had his opponent's back against the ropes when he unleashed a devastating flurry of straight rights and uppercuts. With Karalitzky no longer able to defend himself the referee waved it off and Chev moved to 3-0.

26/11/2022 - OVO Arena, Wembley


 "That's my favourite shot, I'll fight anyone" 

It seemed like the fight had only just begun when in the second round, Jose Ulrich was out cold on his feet after being on the receiving end of a diabolical uppercut.

Chev was praised for his restraint and discipline to hold back from firing more shots at Ulrich after the blow that brought the bout to a close, with the referee calling a halt to the contest seconds later.

18/02/2023 - Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham


 "This guy just wouldn't stay down!" 

The bout was originally scheduled as a final eliminator contest however, unfortunately Chev's opponent Dec Spelman was forced to withdraw, announcing his immediate retirement from boxing due to an adverse brain scan. Israel Duffus of Panama, was drafted in as a replacement who proved to be a great test for Chev.

It was a very mature and classy performance from Chev who demonstrated how he can move seamlessly through the gears when needed with no concerns about his engine.

Despite being knocked down twice in the sixth, once in the seventh and once in the tenth, Duffus was able to survive the scheduled ten rounds, meaning we went to the judges scorecards for the first time in Chev's professional career.

As expected, it was a unanimous decision with the scores reading: 98-88, 98-88, 98-90.


Chev has extensive experience of promoting organisations, brands and causes. A confident and engaging speaker, he combines charisma with a friendly, down-to-earth personality.

He has appeared in advertising campaigns for the National Lottery, spoken at UK Sport media events and has specifically been requested by Team GB to act as an ambassador at a number of events with sponsors.

Chev’s career progress and successes have been covered by every national newspaper and broadcast outlet in the UK. He was a regular spokesperson for GB Boxing in the press and on TV and was one of the boxers that fronted the media launch of the ‘Boxing Road to Tokyo’ Olympic qualifying event in 2020.