Another day, another level up.



Great Britain Boxer & Plant-Based Athlete.

Chev posing with UK flag behind, red outfit

Cheavon Clarke is a GB Boxing heavyweight boxer, plant-based athlete and financial literacy advocate originally from Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Through his determination and hard work, he has established himself as the leading heavyweight in the GB Boxing squad and has won multiple medals at major championships. He is currently ranked number five in the world, number one in the UK and expects to represent Team GB at the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2021.

“Given everything Clarke has come back from, if he were to win a medal in Tokyo, it would undoubtedly be one of the best British stories of the Olympics.”

Daily Mail, 27 February 2020

Level Up Nation.

Chev believes life isn’t about quick wins, it’s about consistency and persistency to achieve your goal, chipping away one day at a time, one level at a time.

From his first time stepping in the ring to compete, Chev’s community has been behind him. He created Level Up Nation as a way for fans to show their support.